Rajeev Chandrasekhar Defeated, ₹50 Crore swindled , Complaint Filed Alleging Leaders Siphoned Funds

Thiruvananthapuram: There is a huge campaign going on in social media that BJP candidate Rajeev Chandrasekhar has stepped down from his own camp. Rajeev Chandrasekhar was taken for crores of rupees and some people stabbed him from behind. In this regard, the BJP has filed a complaint against some BJP district leaders to the national leadership. The complaint is now circulating on social media

Rajeev Chandrasekhar lost to Shashi Tharoor by 16077 votes. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who maintained the lead for half the time in the counting of votes, later fell behind. The lead was above 15000.

In other words, BJP lost Thiruvananthapuram between the cup and the lip. Now in Thiruvananthapuram, while the news of Rajiv Chandrashekhar’s footfall is spreading, it has become a huge discussion among activists and lower elements. This is a huge public debate among BJP workers in the capital

Rajeek Chandrasekhar had given whatever amount of money was asked for BJP’s needs in the election. Apart from his Thiruvananthapuram seat, he also extended financial support to other seats in Kerala. Allegations have been raised against some BJP leaders in the capital that they conspired to make Shashi Tharoor win after taking crores from Rajiv Chandrasekaran. Their names are in the complaint given to the center. Rajeev Chandra Shekhar was also a laughing stock for these same leaders during the elections.

It is also said that Rajiv Chandra Shekhar is accused of being a buffoon and a wealthy millionaire if the candidate is out of sight. It is serious that a few powerful leaders have taken the heat behind this. The complaint also states that there was a corruption of more than 50 crore rupees in connection with the election in the capital. Rajeev Chandra Shekhar knows all those who took his money and pocketed it and worked against him. Moreover, Rajiv Chandra Shekhar knows that some people have implemented agendas that he should not win by taking his money and that if he becomes the Union Minister, the position of some people will go away.

Rajeev Chandra Shekhar who knows everything has measured everything. Nothing comes out. He understands that if he makes everything controversial by himself, he will face opposition from the party itself in Kerala and such people will stop his further work in Thiruvananthapuram. So what’s lost is lost..gone money is gone. His position is that there is no need to think that way anymore.

While there was a big push in Kerala and a 19% increase in votes, Thiruvananthapuram did not. This time only about twenty thousand votes were obtained more than last time. 50 crores of rupees were required to increase so many votes. Rajeev Chandrasekhar started the election work in Thiruvananthapuram district almost a few days ago, the organization work in the district was criticized. He informed this to the central leadership and at the last stage, as per their instructions, PK Krishnadas and the organization secretary were directly brought down, but the election process progressed a little.

As part of the election work, Rajeev Chandrasekhar gave 18 crore rupees only to the district committee, it is also stated in the social media posts. It is open on social media that some people have bought crores of rupees from the hand of the candidate by saying that they have to pay one thousand and two thousand rupees and many have become millionaires through this. Crores were cut from the hands of Rajiv Chandrasekaran in order to vote for Panniyan Ravindran in the minority area and to vote for Rajiv Chandrasekaran in the majority area.

In the social media posts, it is said that out of five crore rupees given to be given in the area from Pozziyur to Vallakadav, only a meager amount has been given for the work in this area. In addition to this, those who were in charge of this cut about half of the Rs. done 50 lakhs was bought in the name of giving 50 lakhs to the coastal area of ​​Thiruvananthapuram district (Gundukatgunda leader) for about 100 votes. Not only did the votes not get, but also the money was lost, the post on social media cites the complaint given by the central leadership. It is clear in the post on social media.

Thiruvananthapuram Central constituency is the seat of state district offices’ where the party has trailed miserably. 10 crores have been set aside to be given to the clubs coming to the coastal region. Almost a good part of this amount was sunk by those who went with cash. Yuvamorcha State Vice President Ajesh pointed out that there was an issue with the workers of RSS during the election activities and people beat up the workers of RSS in Pazhavangadi area.

After embezzling the election funds, these people are now buying multi-axle buses and multi-axle buses to ply the inter-state route, multi-storied buildings and convention centers as far as Kerala. Rajeev Chandra Shekhar’s victory was in every exit poll. Eskit polls had predicted victory in Thiruvananthapuram as more guaranteed than Thrissur. But the most promising class A Madhlam was due to bribery and cheating, the reason why the BJP lost with meager votes.

When the votes were counted for the Left candidate Pannyan Ravindran, there was no dust to be seen. Pannyan Ravindran lost by 1.10 lakh votes. If Rajeev Chandra Shekhar wins the contest in Kerala and becomes a minister, the way to find out who is behind all this is whose ambitions will be destroyed in the Kerala BJP. Rajeev Chandra Shekhar should not become a minister, while it was mandatory for some, he lost a seat that could have been easily won.