Returned to Lucknow with Vikas Dubey’s wife, son and maid killed in encounter, police confirmed!

Returned to Lucknow with Vikas Dubey's wife, son and maid killed in encounter, police confirmed!
Returned to Lucknow with Vikas Dubey's wife, son and maid killed in encounter, police confirmed!

Vikas Dubey‘s wife Richa Dubey, son and maid returned to Lucknow after UP’s notorious criminal Vikas Dubey was killed in a police encounter. The Public Relations Officer of the Police Department said that after Dubey’s funeral in Kanpur on Friday, his wife, son and maid have come to Lucknow. A police officer from Krishnanagar confirmed that Vikas Dubey’s wife, son, and the maid had returned to Lucknow on Friday night. 

The Superintendent of Kanpur Jail RK Jaiswal said that neither Richa Dubey nor her maid was brought to Kanpur District Jail or Chaubepur in a temporary jail due to Covid-19. Vikas Dubey’s wife Richa Dubey, her son, and her maid were taken to Kanpur for interrogation by the STF team on Thursday evening from a house in Krishnanagar in Lucknow on charges of sheltering a notorious criminal and joining his crimes. All were abandoned.

Vikas Dubey's Wife and Son
Vikas Dubey’s Wife and Son

On Friday, during the funeral of Vikas Dubey at Bhairaghat in Kanpur, his wife Richa spoke to the media personnel in great displeasure. He said on a question, “Yes, yes, yes, Vikas had done wrong and that was what had to happen to him.” Richa had also angered the media personnel who came to cover Dubey’s funeral and asked him to leave. He blamed the media for Dubey’s death in the encounter.

Additional Superintendent of Police Brijesh Srivastava had told reporters that Dubey’s relative Dinesh Tiwari performed the last rites of his body. This is the same Dinesh, who was detained by the police for questioning immediately after the killing of eight policemen in Bikeru village in Kanpur last week.

Meanwhile, the Rapid Action Force (RAF) has been deployed in Vikas’s Bikaru village. A police jeep was seen in the village, in which the sitting policemen were asking the villagers to inform them if they had any information about the weapons snatched during the police encounter. During the July 2 and 3 encounter, the accused also took away the police weapons. Villagers have been asked to give information within 24 hours.

Vikas Dubey
Vikas Dubey

Nearly 60 policemen are closely guarded near the house of Dubey, who had been grounded in the village last Saturday. Most of them are sitting under a neem tree by putting bunk. These policemen are being deployed here in turn in Pali and are facing all the questions of the media persons coming there.

A broken baseball bat, damaged tractor car and motorcycle can be seen near the ruins of the house. The people of the village are refraining from speaking anything about Dubey’s death. People are inside their homes and they are refusing to say anything about the whole incident.