Sela Tunnel,the world’s longest bi-lane tunnel, a nightmare for China.

To the surprise of the world’s engineering experts, India’s huge tunnel has been completed in Arunachal Pradesh’s 14,000-foot high Sela, a nightmare for China. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the tunnel. This Indian tunnel, built underground and under the mountains at a height of 14000 feet, is amazing.Did nit know why and what are the features of the tunnel

The road to Tawang, where Indian-Chinese troops clashed in December 2022, passes through the 14,000-foot Sela in Arunachal Pradesh. Travel on this road is difficult during winter. Also, the passes will collapse. Temperatures will drop to 20 degrees Celsius, diesel in vehicles will freeze. Heavy snowfall is also impossible. But now, with the completion of the all-weather Sela Tunnel, the Indian Army will have year-round connectivity between Guwahati and Tawang in Assam.

World war experts described the Sela Tunnel as an underground Indian weapon move to split China’s chest. One thing our audience should remember. It is in Arunachal. Arunachal Pradesh is the Indian land where they are walking and dreaming that Arunachal Pradesh belongs to China. Don’t forget that 2 years ago China changed their map and included Arunachal in their map when they didn’t get Arunachal Pradesh.

We should also not forget that when former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was scheduled to visit Arunachal, it was postponed due to China’s protests. For decades, no road pole could be built in Arunachal due to fear of China. All this is old history, old India..Today the lion roar of Narendra Modi is resounding among the towering peaks of Arunachal. Made several visits to Arunachal. Modi reached the China border in Arunachal and met the jawans. In Arunachal, not only the bridge and road but also the Sela tunnel was built to divide the Chinese chunk. New India is like this. Arunachal is a witness that Narendra Modi does not have China fear of Man Mohan Singh who trembled with fear.
Back to the tunnel details at Arunachalal.. The Sela Tunnel is actually two tunnels – or three if you count the escape tunnel built along the length of the two main tunnels. Tunnels have been dug through the mountain at an altitude of 13,116 feet. They will help reduce the distance between Tawang and Dirang in Arunachal’s West Kameng district by 12 km, reducing travel time by one and a half hours. All can travel safely in the tunnel in severe snowfall. No threat of frost or snow.

Only the longest bi-lane tunnel in the world is at this height. It is a double tunnel. Each tunnel is connected to another tunnel. That means there are escape routes in the tunnel no matter what the danger may be. For the safety of the users, the tunnels have a ventilation system, strong lighting and fire extinguishing systems. They have the capacity to pass 3,000 cars and 2,000 trucks per day. They are of strategic importance as they allow rapid deployment of troops in the eastern region of the Line of Actual Control along the China border.

After the army’s clashes with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) between 2020 and 2022, moving troops, weapons, supplies and heavy machinery to forward areas during the winter was complicated. But now India will be able to deploy weapons and move troops within minutes. For main battle tanks like Arjun. The tunnel will help in speedy deployment along the border.The Border Roads Organization says the Sela Tunnel is one of the most challenging infrastructure projects undertaken in India. It was built using the new Austrian tunneling method and employed more than 50 engineers and 800 workers. Work was halted last July after a large cloudburst made the approach roads impassable.