Shailaja teacher’s picture morphed incident;Police registered a case against Minhaj

Police registered a case against Minhaj, a native of Kozhikode Naduvannoor, on the complaint that he had morphed Shailaja’s teacher’s picture. A case has been registered by the Mattannur police in the incident. The case is for morphing and circulating pictures of the Chief Minister and KK Shailaja teacher. The photo was circulated through the Facebook account of Minhaj KM Paloli.

Shailaja filed a police complaint against the obscene post ten days ago. It has been mentioned in the FIR that Shailaja’s picture was morphed and Manam was belittled. Sections have also been added for making call to art against him.

Earlier, a case was registered against the Newamahi Police League worker. Newmahi police registered a case against Muslim League Newmahi panchayat secretary Aslam. The police registered a case against Muslim League New Mahi Panchayat Secretary and Panchayat member Islam on the complaint of spreading false propaganda against Shailaja in Mangad Snehathiram WhatsApp group. The FIR has been filed against him for spreading false message in the name of Shailaja, inciting violence and spreading false information in a way that insults the entire Muslim community.