West Bengal;Stone pelting and Blasting during Ram Navami Procession in Murshidabad

Kolkata: BJP has reacted strongly against Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool over the incident of stone pelting and blasting during Ram Navami celebrations in West Bengal.
Clashes broke out in Murshidabad’s Rajnagar, including Shaktipur area, on Wednesday evening.

Stones were pelted at the Ram Navami procession, including from the roofs of houses. Earlier, during the drone inspection, it was found that stones were piled up on the terrace. Video footage emerged of people hurling stones at the procession from the top of the building.

In West Bengal, it is common for extremists to commit violence during Hindu festivals, including Ram Navami. The complaint is that the Trinamool Congress and the government are colluding in this to secure votes and appease the minorities.