Shobha Vishwanath has filed a case against Akhil Marar

Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5 winner and director Akhil Marar has been registered a case by the police. The Thiruvananthapuram City Cyber ​​Crime Police has registered a case on the complaint of Shobha Vishwanath, a contestant and finalist of the same season. Akhil Marar himself informed about the case through a Facebook post. Akhil noted that despite asking several times, the police could not tell him what crime he had committed. He also filed another case in the commissioner’s office through child welfare, saying that a POCSO case should be filed against him. He said he would beat the children. Akhil Marar said that he is their friend’s father who beats his children till night and does not even scold them.

I am posting this because of the police notice which I got…Complainant Shobha Vishwanath…Even after asking the investigating officer several times, they are unable to tell me what crime I have committed…If a woman complains, a case should be filed under crpc section 153, so they say that a case has been filed. Another case was filed in the commissioner’s office through child welfare.. I said that I will beat the children.

Dhanya Raman had earlier made an allegation of very serious charity fraud against Shobha.. He put Shobha’s name and photo.. They could not say a word against it.. The reason may be because Dhanya Raman has evidence in his hands.. Therefore, there are many people among us who live like this in the name of charity fraud in the name of children. .I believe that Shobha will not do that.. But you should ask why did not respond when Dhanya Raman said.

Many of you have heard what I have said in public. I don’t know that any of the contestants in Season 5 had any difficulty in any way. But it was said that it is suspected that someone entered there by paying a bribe, meaning that he would pay half of what he got.

3 girls openly supported what I said.. Other contestants and some like Srilakshmi Arakkal said that what I said was true. A mother told me about her daughter’s experience and I sent Shobha the problem of another contestant’s friend. Asked whether you can intervene in the matter. They who did not respond a single word against it, are holding a grudge against me and anger that they did not get the cup, without realizing the fact that they were rejected in the fourth place.

Not only this, but they will do more against me tomorrow. Just posting this so you know. Due to the actions of people like them, even women who deserve justice will be viewed with suspicion in the future. Men and women are equal.. But whatever the woman says, we will file a case.