Skeleton found in water tank of Kariavattom campus is that of a male

Thiruvananthapuram: It has been confirmed that the skeleton found inside the Kariavattom campus is that of a man. A hat, tie and reading glasses were also found along with the skeleton. The police concluded that the skeleton belonged to a man and that he had died by hanging.

Police and fire rescue personnel bravely pulled out the skeleton from inside the old water tank which was 20 feet deep. The fire brigade returned yesterday as they could not get inside the tank without adequate security.

This morning, the forensic team, the fire brigade and the police reached the spot again and started the process of removing the skeleton. The team disembarked after making security arrangements in the tank. Forensic experts also descended on Tank for examination.

Yesterday, the skeleton was found inside the old tank of the water authority attached to the botany department of the campus. When the campus staff came to clean the area, they found the skeleton through the manhole of the water tank. Since the tank had not been opened for a long time, precautions had been taken for this. The dog squad also reached the spot and conducted an investigation. The police will also look into the complaints filed at various police stations regarding missing persons. It has been decided to include DNA testing. The police informed that a detailed investigation will be conducted to find out the identity of the skeleton and remove the mystery.