Sugandhagiri tree felling case, Three officials suspended

Government takes action in Wayanad Sugandhagiri tree cutting case. Three officials, including the DFO, were suspended. The suspension is for complicity in forest looting. DFO M Shajna Karim, Flying Squad Range Forest Officer M Sajevan and Deputy Range Forest Officer Beerankutty were suspended. 18 officials were found guilty in the departmental investigation.

The case is that 126 trees were cut under the guise of a permit issued to cut 20 trees, which are a threat to life, property and houses. The vandalism is in the area where around 30 employees are monitoring 24 hours a day. In Sudhangiri, the wood looting took place in 1,086 hectares which was used to give 5 acres each to the landless tribals. The APCCF found that forest officials connived at forest looting, failed in supervisory duties, did not inspect the loggers, did not take strict action first, and some officials took money from loggers.