Shop owner ties up 10 year old boy and beats him up all night for allegedly stealing biscuits

Lucknow: A ten-year-old boy was tied up and beaten up by the shop owner all night for allegedly stealing biscuits. The incident took place in Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh. A video of this has also been released. The complaint of the shopkeeper was that he had taken biscuits from the shop and eaten them without paying.

The shopkeeper and the three men who were with him beat the boy mercilessly, but no one came forward to help him. They were watching this atrocity. They did not release the child all night. Later, the boy untied himself and ran away. After the video of the incident went viral, the police arrested the accused and took them into custody.

The police are looking for the 10-year-old boy who was beaten up. The child has not been found yet. The police said that the shopkeeper has been interrogated and he will be given maximum punishment.