Suresh Gopi exercised his vote in Thirissur with his family

NDA candidate Suresh Gopi and his family exercising their right of consent in the Lok Sabha elections. Suresh Gopi and his family voted in booth 115 of St. George LP School, Mukkatukara in Thrissur Lok Sabha constituency, where he is contesting.

Respecting the heart of Kerala, the consenters of Thrissur are confident that by touching the lotus with their fingertips, Thrissur and hence Kerala will bloom. It was the first time I could vote for myself. That is the greatest thing. I wanted to cast the first vote. But a senior citizen arrived. Then Suresh Gopi said that the 10th vote has been reached.

If we take the work of MPs in the last ten years, it is enough to assess whether it has reached the people to ensure his victory. He also opined that the people have suffered a lot due to the delay in the elections.

After visiting Guruvayur, Suresh Gopi and his family reached the booth at 6.30 in the morning and performed the right of consent. It is indicated that he will visit other booths. A few days ago, the vote of Suresh Gopi and his family was added in Thrissur. He lives in Netissery near Mukkatukara.