Thamarassery Diocese screened the controversial movie The Kerala Story

Diocese of Thamarassery to screen the controversial film The Kerala Story. The film was screened at family gatherings in parishes under the diocese. It was instructed that as many people as possible should watch and share the link of the film.

Meanwhile, the controversial film The Kerala Story was screened by the Idukki Diocese yesterday. Idukki Archdiocese Media Director Jins Karakot said that the film was screened as part of awareness raising. The film was screened in front of students studying in classes 10 to 12 in Idukki Diocese.

The official explanation of the Diocese also says that there is love jihad, which leads girls to fall in love with each other and lead to terrorism. The Diocese also says that mixing communalism in it is the reason for the confusion.

Kerala Story was screened in front of the students on the 4th of last month. The screening of the controversial film was held as a part of Vachanotsavam. Matters related to love were discussed in the program. There were references to Love Jihad in the programme.

The media director of the archdiocese explained that there was never any effort to talk about a communal idea in front of the children. It was only said that there is Love Jihad, which leads to extremism in the entanglement of love. The archdiocese explained that no communal references were made while talking about love and The Kerala Story.