The CPO rank list expires today

Thiruvananthapuram: Civil Police Officer Rank List is expires only a few hours away. 9,946 lives will hang in the balance today at 12 midnight. Despite being in the rank list, 68 percent of the candidates have not yet received a job offer. The aspirants protested in front of the Secretariat by eating grass, crawling on their knees, shaving their heads and performing a symbolic funeral.

Despite the fast, there was no favorable decision from the government. Candidates allege that police vacancies are not reported to PSC due to financial crisis. Only after understanding the economic situation in Kerala, those who are coming should go for PSC. Another candidate also suggests escaping to better conditions or foreign countries.

The candidates say that the government has cheated them and their families and the Chief Minister should answer for this. PSC is of the position that the government should decide.