The postmortem report on Siddharth revealed bruises on his body

Vaithiri: The post-mortem report of the second year BVSC student who committed suicide at Pookod Veterinary Medical College is shocking. Several wounds were found on the body, which were two to three days old. There are also marks of being beaten with a stick. There is an abnormality in the neck wound. There is an unusual wound where the noose is tightened. According to the report, the cause of death was hanging. Preliminary information that he was a victim of brutal beating.

Second year BVSC student J.S. Siddharth (21) was found dead in the washroom of the hostel on 18th of this month. In connection with the incident, 12 students, including the SFI unit secretary and the college union president, were suspended. The decision of suspension was taken by the anti-ragging committee meeting following the complaint of the students on the death of Siddharth.

Siddharth’s family has accused the death of murder. Mother Sheeba had lodged a complaint with the Chief Minister, ADGP and others, demanding that there was a mystery in her son’s death and that a thorough investigation should be conducted. The post-mortem report adds to the allegations.