Unni Mukundan Elected Unopposed as Treasurer of Actor’s Association ‘AMMA’

Kochi: Actor Unni Mukundan was elected unopposed as the treasurer of star organization ‘Amma’. The information that Unni Mukundan, who was a member of the executive committee of the last governing body, had submitted his application for the post of treasurer had already come out. But it was reported that someone else might contest. But Unni Mukundan was elected unopposed as no one else submitted their papers for the post of treasurer. Unni Mukundan succeeds Siddique as treasurer.

The last date for withdrawing the form was Tuesday. When the time for submission of papers ended, only Mohanlal was there for the post of President. This is Mohanlal’s third turn as Amma President.

Earlier, Mohanlal had expressed interest in vacating the post. But according to the suggestion of his colleagues, Mohanlal continued in his position. At the same time, it is also special that Avala Babu, who was in the leadership of the organization for 25 years, is stepping down. A tough competition is going on for the post of general secretary of Evala Babu.

Siddique, Kuku Parameswaran and Unni Sivapal are contesting for the post of Amma General Secretary. Siddique was the treasurer in the current governing body. There is also a tough competition for the position of Vice President. Jagadish, Manjupililla and Jayan Cherthala are contesting for the post of Vice President. The current vice presidents were Shwetha Menon and Maniyanpilla Raju

Amma’s public meeting will be held on June 30 at Gokulam Convention Center in Kochi. Amma will have new office bearers in this general meeting which is held once in three years. The current executive committee members are Sudhir Karamana, Surabhi Lakshmi, Baburaj, Toveeno Thomas, Manju Pillai, Tiny Tom, Unni Mukundan, Lena, Rachana Narayanan Kutty and Lal.

Baburaj is also contesting for the post of joint secretary. This time, following Mohanlal’s suggestion that everyone should contest, the election is being held without an official panel. 506 members of Amma have the right to vote. Of these, 394 are life members and 112 are honorary members.

Honorary members have the right to vote but cannot contest. In the elections held in 2021, Mohanlal and Ivala Babu were elected unopposed for the post of President and General Secretary. But there was competition for the post of Vice President and the Executive Committee. Maniyanpilla Raju and Shwetha Menon became Vice Presidents by voting.