VM Sudheeran has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding the acquisition of Kerala Cheruvalli estate

VM Sudheeran has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding the acquisition of the Kerala Cheruvalli estate. In a letter to the Prime Minister, he said that all hope in the existing systems in Kerala has been lost and that the only hope is in the Central Agency or the Enforcement. Sudheeran said that the Prime Minister should intervene in this and urgently call attention to Kerala. Sudheeran had earlier said that there was a conspiracy behind the decision to acquire the Cheruvalli estate for Sabarimala land. KPCC President Mullappally Ramachandran, Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala and Oommen Chandy have all taken a favorable stand in this matter. Congress and the UDF in principle are silent on the Pinarayi Vijayan government’s stance that the state land is illegally distributed to others. This is because the middle class and middlemen are getting thousands of crores of real estate deal which covers about 2600 acres. Many still have an eye on the commissions and money rather than the country’s interest.

VM Sudheeran
VM Sudheeran

It was at this juncture that VM Sudheeran publicly came out of Congress with the hope of regaining the country’s good and the land lost.It was at this juncture that VM Sudheeran publicly came out of Congress with the hope of regaining the country’s good and the land lost. There is a major conspiracy and corruption in the acquisition of Cheruvalli Estate for the Sabarimala airport. Sudheeran has presented the evidence to the Prime Minister. Sudheeran alleged that foreign companies still own about 5.5 lakh acres of land in Kerala. There was a conspiracy, including losing a court case. Many commission reports have stated that the land belongs to the government. According to the Rajamanikyam report, the last UDF was in the fray. The government took over the land. This was approved by the High Court Single Bench. Later, the Pinarayi government took steps to defeat the case. The lawyer who made the case was replaced. The Division Bench canceled the land acquisition but did not deny the government’s right to the land.


The government has given permission to land on such land. With this, the government has come to accept that the companies are entitled to land. The Cheruvalli estate has now been ordered to take over private land. Highlights of the letter to Modi,

The Hon’ble Prime Minister
Respected Pradhan Mantriji
My Pranams to you
I am writing this letter deeply anguished by the administrative lapses,anti-people decisions, and culpable misconduct on the part of those who are expected to safeguard public wealth and revenue for the benefit of the people of Kerala especially the downtrodden and underprivileged lots of the society. I have already submitted a detailed Memorandum to His Excellency Hon’ble Governor of Kerala. I am submitting a copy of the same for your good selves reference. It may be noted that since May 2016 after the new Govt took charge decisions were taken at the behest of the powers to be to bail out big Plantation companies who have been exploiting public wealth as agents of illegally existing British Companies and siphoning national wealth thereby challenging even sovereignty of our dear Motherland. All these fraudulent dealings have emerged through successive authoritative inquiries and criminal investigations that started way back in 2007. Now it has come the fore that responsible beaurocrats like Revenue Secretary and Law secretary have been indulging in abetting the illegal and nefarious activities of such fraudulent companies thereby misusing their office against the interest of the State. The stake involved in the above is more than 5.5lakh acres of precious Government lands which are liable to be resumed by the Govt.
In this connection, I invite your good selves attention to urgently act and utilize your good offices to protect our national wealth by ordering inquiry through Central Investigating agencies like Enforcement or CBI for bringing out the entire facts and take appropriate action against all the delinquent officers concerned and bring them to trial as per the law.
With Pranams,