Yogendra Yadav Predicts BJP Win in Lok Sabha Elections

New Delhi: Election expert Yogendra Yadav says that the BJP will achieve a memorable victory in the Lok Sabha elections. The hope of Congress to make further progress in the elections will be dashed. Yadav’s prediction is that Congress may cross 100 seats. Last time Congress could win only 52 seats.

Yadav is of the opinion that NDA will get 275 to 305 seats. 271 seats are required to form the government in the country. Currently BJP has 303 seats and NDA has 323 seats. Shiv Sena won 18 seats as part of NDA last time. No longer with the alliance. Quoting Yogendra Yadav’s calculations, he wrote in X that you can judge who is going to form the government.

That means, NDA will get 275 to 305 seats. Yadav has the same opinion. Yogendra Yadav has made a fresh prediction after leading political analyst Prashant Kishore and American analyst Ian Bremmer.