Tiger Spotted in Thrissur and Pathanamthitta, Kills Domestic Dog

Tigers descended on Thrissur Athirapilli and Pathanamthitta Pothupara. The tiger came down near Athirapally Puliilappara junction. A tiger in Pathanamthitta has bitten and killed a pet dog.

The tiger was spotted in Athirappilly last night. The footage of a tiger sitting in a culvert near the Puliilapara church has emerged. Last night around 8 o’clock the tiger was seen by those who were traveling in a car.
Soon they were capturing the footage of the tiger on their mobile phones. They were only able to capture two seconds of footage. In the meantime, the passengers were speeding away in fear.

Complaints have been raised that tigers have come down in the inhabited areas and are catching domesticated animals widely. Sunil’s pet dog, a native of Valupara, was bitten and killed by a tiger that landed on Pothupara in Pathanamthitta.