A special committee will check the amount of gold in the crown that Suresh Gopi presented at Lourdes Church

A special committee was formed to check the amount of gold in the gold crown presented by Suresh Gopi at Lourdes Church in Thrissur. The action was taken after a demand was made to check the amount of gold in the parish representative meeting held yesterday.

On January 15, Suresh Gopi came to Thrissur Lourdes Cathedral Church with his family and presented the crown to the Mother. But news spread in the social media that the crown weighing more than 500 grams was made of gold plated copper. With this, a section of the parish representative meeting pointed out this and came forward with the demand to know the truth.

Following this, a committee was formed including the vicar of the church, the trustee and the handmaids. This committee will scientifically check the amount of gold in the crown. Local councilor and parish representative Leela Varghese stated that the church vicar informed the meeting that she would reply to the matter later.

A section of the meeting stated that if the amount of gold in the crown is not accurately checked and recorded in the stock register, there will be no response if future parish representatives inspect the crown and make allegations against the present trustees. Taking this into account, it was agreed to scientifically examine the crown.