Lawyer dead at home, note against junior lawyers

Thiruvananthapuram: A lawyer V.S Anil was found dead at home in the Thiruvananthapuram, a native of Vamanapuram and an advocate at the Attingal Bar. Anil was found dead inside the house. The incident happened around 2 am on Monday. Anil died after posting a suicide note on a WhatsApp group of lawyers.

After the colleague informed the information, by the time the relatives arrived and checked, the death had occurred. Anil was practicing as a lawyer after retiring from the Department of Tourism as Deputy Director. It is known that he was living alone in the house.

Anil’s note alleges that he committed suicide because of the abuse of two junior lawyers. It is a note of someone who is about to end his life. (Praying that you don’t fail there too) This message is to prevent anyone else from having this experience.

My name is Anil vs. The harassment of two junior advocates in the same office and the humiliation caused by it is leaving here. At midnight, they gathered people and came to my house. I have never faced such a situation in my life. Humiliated in front of everyone”, the note reads.