Aljazeera channel to be closed in Israel, unanimous decision, Benjamin Netanyahu

Jerusalem: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Al-Jazeera news channel will be closed in Israel. “Al Jazeera is ceasing operations in Israel, this is a unanimous decision of the government,” Netanyahu said in X.

The move comes amid issues between Qatar-based news channel Al-Jazeera and the Israeli government. In a statement released by the government, the cabinet voted unanimously to end Al Jazeera’s operations. The government said in a statement that the action would include closing Al Jazeera’s offices in Israel, confiscating broadcasting equipment, disconnecting the channel from cable and satellite companies, and blocking websites.

Al-Jazeera condemned Israel’s action. Israel has locked down Al Jazeera’s office in violation of the fundamental principle of freedom of expression, shortly after the world celebrated Press Freedom Day. Al Jazeera also condemned this criminal move by the Israeli government.

Al-Jazeera’s website also no longer works in Israel. However, the channel is not legally restricted to operate in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The restrictions do not apply to the war-torn Gaza Strip. Al-Jazeera still provides live coverage from the war zone.