Climate threat increases nitrogen fertilizer

Climate threat increased nitrogen fertilizer

Nitrogen manure poses a serious threat to the climate. This has been claimed in research published in the journal Nature. The threat has increased so much that the Paris Agreement’s climate goals have been difficult to achieve.

This research has been done by Auburn University. According to the report nitrogen fertilizers are used to increase agricultural production worldwide. This is increasing the concentration of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. This gas affects three hundred times more than carbon dioxide because it remains in the atmosphere for a long time.

Professor Haquin Teyan of Urban University, along with an international consortium of scientists from 48 research institutes from 14 countries, has prepared the report under the Global Carbon Project and the International Nitrogen Initiative. This is the first major global study on the effects of nitrogen.The report said that at present, nitrous oxide has risen by 20 percent over pre-industrial levels. Its growth has accelerated further in recent decades due to emissions from various human activities.

Climate threat increased nitrogen fertilizer

The report states that agriculture is the biggest reason for the increase in nitrous oxide. The report expresses the possibility that increasing demand for food and feed for animals will also further increase global nitrous oxide emissions.

East Asia, South Asia, Africa and South America account for the largest contribution to global nitrous oxide emissions. In China, India and the United States, the use of synthetic fertilizers has the highest emissions, while livestock manure contributes the most to Africa and South America. The highest growth rates of emissions were found in emerging economies, particularly Brazil, China and India, where crop production and livestock numbers are increasing.