Pakistan is just an everlasting friendship, Pakistan keeps its eyes closed on all the misdeeds of China

paskistan and china everlasting relationship

China is completely engulfed after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic worldwide. To divert attention from this, neighboring countries are adopting various tactics with India. Tension has been increasing in Ladakh for several months. Not only on Corona, Ladakh, but also in the way China is treating millions of Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang province, it has come under target of the world. But, in view of these misdeeds of China, the government of Pakistan is sitting blindfolded. Pakistan hopes that China will remain its evergreen friend. However, experts believe that China favors Pakistan due to economic benefits.

According to the article ‘Why China Has Power to dictate Pakistan Future’ written by William Shriver in ‘The National Interest’, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has balanced his criticism on China as billions of dollars to Pakistan through the Beard and Road Initiative Investment of Rs. To keep the Sino-Pakistan relationship flourishing, Imran Khan also underestimated the early stages of the corona virus in both China and Pakistan.

In a tweet in February, Imran Khan wrote that Pakistan has stood with the people of China and its government in this difficult time and will also stand in the future. A month later, he said in the statement, “In a few days everything will be fine … This virus is a flu, which spreads rapidly.”

Shriver has highlighted in the article how Imran Khan has also eradicated deadly viruses such as Kovid-19 to save Pakistan-China relations and appease the Chinese authorities. Meanwhile, Khan also ignored the atrocities being perpetrated on the Muslims in Xinjiang province by the Chinese government and thought it better to keep his eyes closed. The author said, “Last year, Khan ignored the massacre of Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang, supported China’s disputed Hong-Kong security bill, and now stands with him on China’s corona virus.” The reason behind this is the investment of US $ 60 billion by China in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan. 

While on one hand, Pakistan continues to accuse India of so-called human rights violations. But, there is silence on the issue of China. On this, William Shriver has questioned Asad Majid Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to America, why Pakistan is ignoring the atrocities against the Muslim population of one million in Xinjiang? In response, Ambassador Khan said, “We (Pakistan) generally do not comment on the internal conditions of other countries, especially that of our friends. The issue of human rights violations in Kashmir is quite different, as China has never been with us Also does not raise those issues. We do not talk publicly about these things, which have talked about our relationship with China. “

Pakistan always supports China in the hope of everlasting friendship. In this article, the author has asked that in the event of India-Pakistan coming face-to-face, how will China support Islamabad in the manner in which the US has given India on the India-China issue.