CM daughter Veena Vijayan critizised by Muslim League State Secretary K.M. Shaji

Chief Minister’s daughter Veena Vijayan has a role in fraud says Muslim League State Secretary K.M. Shaji. He was inaugurating the UDF election general meeting held at Matul North yesterday.

The money given to the lawyer who defends the case involving the Chief Minister’s daughter belongs to the people. Do you know who came to argue? Vaidyanathan Do you know how much he was paid? 50 lakhs of Rs. What right does the Chief Minister have to take away our money of Rs 50 lakh in a case where his own daughter is stuck? Should you pay if your daughter gets stuck? There were many cases in my name. All this is done by taking money from my hand. If you ask the party, you will know that not a single rupee has been bought. That’s why I can come here and stand up straight

Isn’t that how it should be done? Should the case of the Chief Minister’s daughter be conducted by taking our money? Has KSIDC Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan received dowry? How to take money to Vaidyanathan? 1 Crore per sitting for a lawyer appearing in Bangalore.

When has the Chief Minister accepted the secular movement? You did not come to Bombay. Did you come to Kashmir? Sitaram Yachuri wanted to come and participate. But he did not attend. Had they attended that meeting, they would have found Veena in jail today. So did not participate. Isn’t that the answer?” – Shaji asked.