Complete lockdown in Kerala; The decision will be known on Monday!

 A decision will be taken on Monday on whether to implement a complete lockdown again in the wake of the daily rise in the number of COVID patients in the state exceeding 1,000. The Cabinet also decided to reschedule the special session of the Legislative Assembly scheduled for Monday. Legislative Assembly reshuffle due to code expansion And FIG.
The MLAs should come from the Red Zone games. The reconsideration is based on the situation. Government sources have discussed the matter with the Leader of the Opposition.Complete lockdown in Kozhikode district on Sundays; Triple lockdown in Thuneri panchayath

The allegations in the gold smuggling case have been raised against the government The UDF was determined to make a dent in the legislature. For this, he gave a breath of fresh air. Speaker P. Shri Rama Krishna also issued notices to the President.

Three o’clock in the afternoon on the 24th to discuss code resistance. The Chief Minister is convening an all-party meeting. The meeting is via a video conference. The co-operation of political parties in the defense of the Code. The main agenda. It will also focus on the struggles of the government. The protests have been pending in the High Court till the end of July.