Complete Mobile Phone Ban at Ayodhya Ram Temple; Applies to VIPs and VVIPs

Lucknow: Mobile phones are completely banned in Ayodhya’s Ram Temple. VIPs and VVIPs were not allowed to carry their phones while entering the temple for darshan. However, it has been decided that no one will be allowed to enter the temple with a phone from now on. In the meeting of Ram Mandir Trust and Administration held yesterday, it was decided to ban mobile phones in the temple. The trust said strict monitoring will be in place to ensure that mobile phones are not allowed on the premises. Mobile phones are prohibited for security reasons. Since Prana Pratishtha, devotees were carrying mobile phones without any restriction in Ram temple.

Then some restrictions were imposed and ordinary devotees were prohibited from carrying mobile phones. Meanwhile, the trust has initiated special arrangements for Darshan. Under this, those with a special pass will be allowed to carry mobile phones. Also, VIPs and VVIPs were exempted from carrying mobile phones. People started taking photos and selfies in the darshan queue itself. It just didn’t seem right. As before, the easy and specific darshan system will remain, but there will be a ban on mobile phones, says Anil Mishra.

Meanwhile, it has been decided to complete the entire temple construction by December 2024. Nripendra Mishra, chairman of the temple construction committee, said that the expansion project of Ram Katha Museum will be implemented in accordance with international standards after discussing it with expert agencies. The Ram Durbar will be established after the completion of the construction of the first floor. Vasudev Kamath prepares the sculptures in it.