Continued Questioning of CMRL Employees in Masapadi Controversy; ED Moves to Summon Veena

The interrogation of the CMRL employees in the CMRL monthly dispute, which started yesterday afternoon, continues for the second day. It is reported that the ED questioned them all last night. Three CMRL representatives appeared before the ED yesterday morning. CMRL MD Sasidharan Karta was also asked to be present but he was not present citing reasons including health problems.

Chief Finance Officer, IT Manager and Senior IT Officer of CMRL were present yesterday. But the ED is of the position that CMRL MD Sasidharan Karta’s statement is mandatory. Karta had approached the High Court against the ED notice but there was no favorable verdict.

The ED is probing financial transactions between CMRL and Exalogic. The basis of the case was the finding that Exalogic received Rs 1.72 crore from CMRL. It is alleged that this money was paid as consideration for IT services. But the Serious Fraud Investigation Office of the Union Corporate Ministry started an investigation following complaints that the money was paid in the name of non-existent services.

After this, ED also started investigation in the case. Based on the information gathered from CMRL, ED will interrogate others related to the case. The Central Investigation Agency is in the process of summoning others including the Chief Minister’s daughter.