DYFI worker arrested in panoor bomb blast case is a innocent : M V Govindan

Thiruvananthapuram: CPM is thinking how to save face in Panoor bomb blast. CPM State Secretary MV Govindan has come forward in support of the arrested DYFI worker. Opposing the police action, Govindan said that the DYFI worker who had performed life-saving operations as part of taking the injured to the hospital when the bomb exploded was arrested.

He added that he is innocent. “CPM making bombs to carry out violence is a false propaganda work. The party had earlier clarified that it had no role in the Panur blast. The DYFI worker who was caught in the blast led the rescue operation and the injured were taken to the hospital. He was misrepresented. Govindan said.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the party leaders went to the house of the deceased while making the bomb as a humanitarian step. The Chief Minister’s words were that the visit was made in the name of humanity and should not be seen as political. The information had already come out that the person killed in the Panur bomb blast was a CPM supporter.

But CPM denied this. But the Chief Minister came to the scene with a capsule of justification in the context of a big controversy when the CPM leaders visited his house to pay their last respects and led the funeral ceremonies. The Chief Minister also reiterated his claim that despite Panur area being the stronghold of the CPM, he had no knowledge or connection with the bomb making that was actively going on there. Pinarayi Vijayan’s words were that bomb making should not be taken politically.

Bomb making is unacceptable and action will be taken. No leniency on offense. But there is no abnormality in going to the house of the deceased while making the bomb, it is not forbidden to go to the death house in the country, there is nothing wrong in consoling the relatives, the chief’s justification is that it is a humanitarian visit to pay his last respects to the person who died while making the bomb.

Meanwhile, CPM is on the defensive in the Panur blast. When the police clarified that the main accused in the case was the DYFI unit secretary, the CPM was cut off. The police have intensified their search for Shijal, secretary of the Kunnothuparamp unit. Amal Babu, who was arrested yesterday, is also in charge of DYFI.

The CPM was of the view that the blast, the deceased or the participants had nothing to do with the party. But contrary information is coming out. There are 12 accused in the case. Six people were arrested. Currently DYFI is the incumbent. The arrested Sayuj is the DYFI unit secretary and the absconding accused Shijal is the DYFI Koothuparam unit secretary.