From self-determination to new education policy; Highlights from the Prime Minister’s speech at the Red Fort


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation by hoisting the national flag at the Red Fort on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day of the country in a tight security zone in compliance with the Kovid security norms . A heavy security cordon was set up around the Red Fort , including NSG commandos, elite SWAT commandos, more than 4,000 security personnel and kite catchers . Highlights of the Prime Minister’s Speech- My best wishes to everyone on Independence Day. I respect all those who serve the country – the defense forces, the police force, the security forces, the billions of citizens

who serve in the country – and I thank all the corona warriors, health care workers, doctors and nurses who worked tirelessly to serve the country. Many have lost their lives and the nation greets them.

– As we celebrate the 74th Independence Day, we are looking forward to the important milestone of our 75th Independence Year. It gives new energy and determination to move the country forward and we will grandly celebrate reaching that milestone.

– Those who tried to expand the empire by finding new places and adding them to the flag saw less of us. The world has already witnessed two world wars. Many countries have suffered heavy losses, but we have moved forward and the world has seen our struggle for independence.

-To focus on taking India to new heights, to build a new ‘self-sufficient (self-sufficient) India’. History has shown that when India is determined to achieve something, it always achieves it. A self-sufficient India has now become the mantra of 130 crore Indians.

-I believe in the nation and its people, our faith and our youth, we all believe in the Vasudhaiva family – the world is a family.

– We need to achieve self-sufficiency in the agricultural sector, we have removed all restrictions in the agricultural sector, which will benefit our farmers.

– Admits that India faces lakhs of challenges to become self-sufficient. At the same time, we can achieve anything. We never made PPE kits, the production of our masks and ventilators was meager … but today we make everything.

– With an increase of 18%, we have broken all previous records in terms of FDI (FDI). It is commendable that investment is flowing into India even as the world battles the epidemic. It tells us that the world sees our potential and has hope for a growing India.

– For faster India’s growth, we have focused on comprehensive multi – model infrastructure development. We do not currently separate railways, roads, and ports from airports. We adopt an all-inclusive approach to infrastructure development.

– In an inclusive way – electricity for all, gas connections for all, bank accounts for all, toilets in every home, public sanitation for all, rations for all wherever they are, and the world’s largest health care system, the Internet, which connects all villages – all at a rapid pace.

– We have introduced a new education policy that will shape 21st century India. Our students will soon form a new India. The National Education Policy focuses on making India a major research and development destination in the world.

– Today, we launch a national digital health mission that will bring a new revolution in the healthcare sector. It will be completely technology based. Every Indian will get a Health ID Card. Everything from doctor’s appointment time to prescribed medication will be available on your health profile.

– Sarpanches across Jammu and Kashmir are making great efforts to ensure that development reaches all in the Union Territory. Ladakh is also doing a lot of work and they are focusing on being carbon-neutral. We are working with the people of Ladakh to adopt new and innovative ways of development.

– The Ram Janmabhoomi issue was resolved peacefully. Recently we laid the foundation stone for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. I want to congratulate everyone for maintaining peace and brotherhood.