Fugitive Godman Nithyananda bans travellers from India to Kailasa due to pandemic surge

Nithyananda's mysterious island 'Kailasa' orders travel ban

Fugitive self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda has banned devotees from India from entering ‘Kailasa’ island amid the rising coronavirus cases in India. In a statement on Twitter, Nithyananda Paramashivam said that due to the second and third wave of coronavirus travellers from India will not be allowed to enter the island.

Travellers from Brazil, European Union and Malaysia have also been banned. “All Kailasians, Ekailasians, volunteers associated with these de facto embassies of Kailasa are to quarantine themselves and adhere to the precautionary measures advised by the local laws,” the statement said. The self-styled godman fled India in 2019 after being accused of sexual assault and is said to be hiding in ‘Kailasa’ – his virtual island off the coast of Ecuador, South America. Nithyananda has also appealed to the United Nations to declare Kailasa as a separate country. Besides its cabinet and prime minister, Kailasa island also has a dedicated website. While proclaiming the island ‘Kailasa’, Nithyananda described it as a “Hindu sovereign nation”.