Getting into dating sites? Sex chat and personal pictures leaked

854 GB of data have been leaked. They include sex pictures, screen shots of private conversations, audio conversations recorded and money laundering.

Are you having sex chat on dating sites? If you think that no one is aware of the chats you are going through on these sites and the sex pictures that your partners are sharing with each other, you are mistaken. Reports have leaked classified information from multiple dating sites.

Data leaked from websites such as SugarDee and Herpes Dating. Researchers have uncovered more than 20 million files related to tens of thousands of accounts from password-protected vulnerabilities on Amazon Web Services. Experts say that it is easy to find a hacker who has ordered both, though none of them are easily identified.

Users’ personal files are safe and secure in the buckets of data storage of those who use Amazon Web Services. The files were discovered by security researchers VPElementors. A total of 854 GB of data was available. Researchers say that nine dating sites have inadvertently invested in their users’ data buckets. In the bucket is a screen shot of users’ cash transactions.

These include sex scenes, screen shots of private conversations, audio conversations recorded and cash transactions. It is not possible to determine who got the picture. But in many pictures, the face is clearly visible. In some cases, usernames and money transfers are also available. Experts say that by looking at all of these, individuals can be identified.

Some also foresee the possibility of hackers bargaining with their account holders with such information. Users share these secrets with their apps. Experts point to this as a security threat.