Government has locked up half of its quarantine centers!

Government has locked up half of its quarantine centers

The government has locked up half of its quarantine centers for arrivals from abroad and other states. The quarantine centers became unmanned when the government eliminated the quarantine for the first seven days of the arrival of foreigners. Due to the cost of rent, it was decided that the foreigners would stay in the houses quarantine.

There are currently Quarantine Centers for those who come from overseas, those who don’t have clean rooms, guest workers, or those who do not go home. The local government is responsible for the distribution of food. Minister KK Shylaja said yesterday that quarantine centers were not locked and some hotels and resorts were excluded when more affordable homes were available. But in most districts, more than half of the centers have already been locked up, according to figures.

The situation in different districts∙

Thiruvananthapuram: Currently 2117 rooms in 72 Quarantine centers. The population was 1168. Earlier 20,000 rooms were found, including lodges and hotels.∙

Kollam: More than half the centers were shut down in a month. First 357 centers, now 150.∙

Pathanamthitta: Payment facility in over 30 institutions. More than half of the 287 rooms are vacant.^ Idukki: Of the 76, only 27 are present.5

Ernakulam: 5 out of 22 suspended. There are currently 514. Paid Quarantine Centers 89. Of these 41 hotels, 1455 are in Quarantine.

Palakkad: The government has closed most of its Quarantine centers. Some of the institutions that have been exempted from rents continue.∙

Malappuram: Eight centers of local bodies locked up The facility currently has 2566 people in 197 centers.

Kozhikode: 24 out of 42 government-controlled centers were shut down. Eighty local centers were also shut down.

Wayanad: Half of 190 centers locked up∙ Kannur: Now only 40 out of 164 centers.Claims 2.39 lakh! The government claimed 2,39,642 beds of land were used as quarantine centers to house the exiles. At the time of handing out the report on April 25, it said 1,52,722 beds were ready.

In addition to finding rooms in hospitals and hotels, 47 stadiums were selected for Quarantine Centers.

LOSS: Ordered

Government orders compensation for hotels, lodges, resorts, and auditoriums acquired for making Quarantine Centers at Thiruvananthapuram and for accommodating guest workers. Compensation for private hostels and auditoriums will be decided by the Marathon and Local Departments. Quarantine firms will be compensated by March 17. Compensation for the rehabilitation centers for the rehabilitation of guest workers is estimated from March 17 to June 18.