High Court acquitted eight accused in P Jayarajan assassination case

The High Court acquitted 8 RSS members in the case of trying to kill CPM leader P Jayarajan. High Court says prosecution has failed to produce evidence.

A copy of the judgment pronounced on January 11 has now been released. Earlier, the trial court had sentenced six people, including RSS district office bearer Kanicheri Aji, to ten years in prison. Three people were released. The accused approached the High Court against the punishment and the government against the acquittal of the three.

The High Court acquitted nine of them. The case is that in 1999, on Thiruvona day, P. Jayarajan was tried to break into his house and hacked to death.

RSS said that the man who had planned many murders was hacked

P. Jayarajan was hacked to death on Thiruvona day in 1999. It was a time when political murders were rampant in Kannur. It was a time when serious allegations were raised against P Jayaran. When the RS-BJP-Congress workers and the CPM were killing and calling for murder, P Jayarajan was hacked into his house. CPM was shaken by this. But the CPM retaliated by killing one of the main accused in this case. Later, the revenge of P Jayarajan’s attack led to the death of RSS leader Jayakrishnan Master

During the 1999 Lok Sabha elections, Thiruvonanal. He had reached his home in East Kathirur to have Onasadya with his family while he was busy. At this time, the group that bombed and created an atmosphere of terror stormed into the house and mutilated Jayarajan’s body.

They cut off the thumb of the left hand. The right hand was cut off. The spine was cut and crushed. The assailants returned after leaving the blood-soaked body as dead.

By the time his wife Yamuna came running, the comrade was covered in blood. The bed sheet was taken and tied on the stomach. It is not clear where the room is. The thumb was found in the room the next day. Jayarajan, whose body was dismembered, miraculously returned to life. He was able to cross 13 railway crossings from Kannur to Kozhikode and then to Ernakulam. He survived but later lost the power of his right hand.