I am a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS),ready to go back: Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash

I was an RSS member. After being away from RSS for professional reasons for 37 years, he is all set to work with RSS again. Justice Chita Ranjan Dash of Kolkata High Court clarified. Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash of Calcutta High Court said this in his farewell speech,I no longer have a profession. He also clarified that now there is full freedom to work in RSS. But, I have no bias towards anyone,” said his controversial former colleague Abhijit Gangopadhyay, who resigned as a judge to join the BJP and become the party’s candidate for the Tamluk Lok Sabha seat. Now, after two months, an opportunity has come for me. I am ready for any job in the RSS. Any work I can do, any help If called I will do it in RSS. He was a High Court judge for 15 years.

I have never used my (RSS) membership for any advancement in my career, which is against the principles of my organization. As a judge), I have treated everyone equally: rich, poor, communist, BJP, Congress or Trinamool, neither close nor distant. No one has a side. Justice was done equally by me. As I had done no wrong in my life, everyone was equal before me.I was able to do all this because I am an RSS member. I had the courage to say that I am an RSS member because I am not wrong. Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash bluntly said that if I am a good person I cannot be a member of a bad organisation. It is only because of my rights that I can be found in an organization like the RSS. It is due to lack of mixing.

Outgoing Calcutta High Court judge Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash said, “I had the courage to say that I am a member of the RSS because it is not wrong. “If I am a good person, I cannot be a member of a bad organization,” the justice said in his farewell speech. “I have treated everyone equally.” But he had previously received a setback from the Supreme Court in a sexual assault case. A division bench headed by Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash

Dashin had earlier this year disputed the observations in a case related to sexual abuse of a minor girl, prompting the Supreme Court to term it as “wrong and problematic”.”Adolescent girls should control their sexual urges instead of indulging in two minutes of pleasure,” the bench said, adding that judges should decide the case based on law and facts instead of preaching.

In this regard, the Justice also noted that…I have no bias towards anyone – not against any political philosophy or mechanism. I tried to do justice based on two principles. The first is empathy and the second is law. “Law can be bent to suit justice, but justice cannot be bent to suit law… I may be wrong, I may be right,” Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash said in his farewell address. He also spoke about the need to amend some “archaic” rules of the Calcutta High Court. “Chief Justice needs Barin’s cooperation. We have to march with the times. We cannot look back to the past. We must look forward.”

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has often accused some high court judges of compromising the law. “They’ve bought everything, they’ve bought the courts, I’m not talking about the Supreme Court,” she said at an election rally, a day after the court ruled last month in the jobs-to-pay-school case.
A division bench comprising Chief Justice TS Sivagnanam and Justice Hiranmay Bhattacharya took up the file on five petitions filed seeking voluntary action against the Chief Minister for allegedly insulting the judiciary. Justice Dash’s remark was also based on this