IB investigation against Dhanya Rajendran News Minutes Chief Editor, George Soares representative who poured money for coup in India

Dhanya Rajendran, the Indian representative of billionaire George Soros, is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for allegedly attempting to overthrow the Indian government. Dhanya Rajendran is a Malayalam journalist and the editor-in-chief of the English news portal News Minute. American billionaire George Soros has been accused of trying to influence the Indian media against the Modi government.

The news of the IB investigation revealing the relationship between George Soros and Dhanya Rajendran has now been released by the Janmabhoomi newspaper. The Central Intelligence Bureau is investigating Dhanya Rajendran, the Indian representative of George Soros, who is trying to overthrow governments by funding media organizations at the international level. Earlier, Dhanya Rajendran and others were accused of collecting money from foreign agencies and collecting election fund dollar bonds from India. Now the matter is getting serious after the news of the Central Intelligence Bureau’s investigation against Dhanya Rajendran, the representative of George Soros in India, came out.

Report related to Dhanya Rajendran, associated with Janmabhumi, is as follows

Soros’s Open Society Foundation funds online media in India through the Digipub organisation, which is headed by Dhanya Rajendran, the editor-in-chief of News Minute. Dhanya Rajendran is the chairperson of DGPB.
DigiPub is also a member of NewsClick, which is involved in the Chinese fund case. Other members of the DigiPub organization include: Alt News, Article 14, Boomlive, Cobrapost, HW News, Newslaundry, Scroll, The Quint, and The Wire.

In India, the DGIPB has taken a hands-on approach to the anti-CAA protests against the Narendra Modi government, farmers’ protests, Khalistani violence and Maoist violence.
Foreign aid is also provided to the member institutions through the DigiPub.
Dhanya Rajendran was on the radar of central agencies as the head of Digi Pub, which receives foreign funds and helps in anti-national activities.

Dhanya Rajendran, the chief organizer of the ‘Cutting South’ media festival in Kochi, had admitted to the police that she had received foreign funds. In her statement to the Bangalore Central Police, Dhanya Rajendran said that the session on climate change at the separatist media conference was sponsored by the Canadian High Commission and the money for it was received. The other expenses of the conference were fully borne by the Kerala Media Academy.

The logo of Cutting South depicted the separation of South India and received foreign funds for the conference. Cutting South means Cutting Edge and so on. Dhanya Rajendran has given statement that she is not associated with any organization including Popular Front.

There have been allegations against Dhanya Rajendran regarding the issuance of dollar bonds from abroad. There are only a few viewers for News Lottery and News Minutes, which are headed by Malayalees. There is very little information about them on the internet. But there were allegations earlier that they were getting funds for operational expenses and so on.

News Minute and News Laundry were accused of being trapped in dollar bonds from abroad. The dollar bonds of the News Minute-Newslaundry alliance, which has been attacking the BJP over electoral bond donations, are in controversy.

It is alleged that these portals are routing foreign funds in the name of subscription for free news on the internet.The names of the subscription plans of News Minute and News Laundry are indicative. The subscription is called Disruptor and Game Changer. Despite the UAPA case against the editor of NewsClick, which received Chinese funds, the US-Canada funding for News Minute and Newslaundry continues to flow. Palakkad native Dhanya Rajendran is the editor of News Minute in Bangalore. The Income Tax Department is conducting an investigation against News Minute. Donations of less than $200 will be caught if a large amount of money is received together from abroad.
The collection of news mint and news laundry fund is similar to the crowdfunding done by Popular Front from the Gulf through NRI accounts.

According to the report, the employees are worried about the possibility of an ED raid at any time in the institution where illegal and anti-national transactions are taking place.