‘Ice Cream Stick Technique’ will now cure bone cancer, know how and where

Ice Cream Stick Technique
Ice Cream Stick Technique

There is relief news for patients suffering from foot bone cancer. A team of doctors from Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Center has discovered a new technique for the treatment of bone cancer. With this technique, patients will be able to get their treatment in very little money. Through this technique, doctors have succeeded in freeing the 40-year-old man’s cancer-free bone from cancer without isolating it from the body.

About the nomenclature of this technique, ortho-on surgeon doctor Praveen Gupta says that – we treated the bone with liquid nitrogen. The temperature of liquid nitrogen is kept at freezing temperature minus 360 degrees Fahrenheit. In this process, the bone is not removed completely from the foot. The bone is rotated from it and treated with liquid nitrogen. So that the bone cancer cells are eliminated. Then at the normal temperature, the bone is re-fitted in its place.

Talking about the advantages of its technology, Doctor Praveen says that – We do not remove the cancerous bone of the patient from the body. With this, the patient can walk in two days and will be able to walk with his foot within three months with full body weight.

Earlier techniques used to remove the bone completely from the body. After finishing cancer cells through radiation, he had to fit back into the body. In this process, it took about eight to nine months for the patient to walk.

In another technique, steel is fitted instead of bone in which the patient moves immediately but it costs seven to eight lakhs. So at the same time, it will cost only one and a half to two lakhs to get treatment through this new technology.