Imran Khan’s open poll in US report, told Pakistan still safe haven for terrorists

The US said on Wednesday that Pakistan took “minor steps” against India-focused militant groups to halt the funding of terrorism in 2019 and to prevent large-scale attacks after the Pulwama attack in February that year. But it still remains a “safe haven” for terrorist groups operating in the region. The Foreign Ministry said that a ban imposed in January 2018 on US aid to Pakistan by US President Donald Trump was also effective in 2019. 

He said, “Pakistan to stop funding of terrorism and prevent India-focused terrorist organizations from mass attack after Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist attack on convoy of Indian security forces in Jammu and Kashmir in February last year. 2019 I took minor steps. ”    

In the annual report of the country’s Parliamentary-Empowered Committee on Terrorism 2019, the Ministry of External Affairs said that Pakistan took action against some outward-focused groups, including convicting Lashkar-e-Taiba founder Hafiz Saeed in three separate cases of funding terrorism. Of. The ministry said, “However, Pakistan remains a safe haven for other terrorist organizations concentrated in the region.”

The report said that it allows the Afghan Taliban and affiliated Haqqani networks to operate from their land that targets Afghanistan, similarly they are able to target India like Lashkar-e-Taiba and its advance organizations and Jaish-e – Allows Muhammad’s terrorists to use their land. 

The Ministry of External Affairs alleged, “It did not take any action against other known terrorists such as the founder of Jaish-e-Mohammed and terrorist Masood Azhar declared by the Sanra and Sajid Mir, the project manager of the 2008 Mumbai attacks” who are believed to be They are roaming freely in Pakistan. ” 

However, Pakistan has made some positive contributions to the Afghanistan peace process, including motivating the Taliban to reduce violence. Pakistan has made some progress towards the necessary action plan for the FATF, which saved it from being blacklisted but did not fully implement all the points of the action plan in 2019.

According to the report, although the influence of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been reduced to a great extent, the global leaders of the organization and al-Qaeda (AQIS) in the Indian subcontinent associated with it are continuously carrying out their activities from remote areas which historically They have been working as a safe haven.