In Bateri, the Health Department conducted a lightning inspection and seized stale food from hotels

Kalpatta: During the inspection conducted by the municipal health department in Batheri, stale food was seized from the hotels. Stale food was seized from seven places.

Stale food was seized from Malabar Hotel, MES Canteen, Batheri Assumption Deaddiction Center Canteen, Bathery Town, Sharjah Hotel, Beanachi Town, Grant Iris, Dottapankulam, Kolagapara Wayanad Hill Suites, Kottakunn Salkara Mess.

A notice was also issued to MM mess at Assumption Junction for operating in unsanitary conditions. Municipal Chairman said that action will be taken against defaulting institutions. In the inspection conducted in Mananthavadi yesterday, stale food was seized from three establishments.