Mother of Child Who Survived Fourth-Floor Fall Dies by Suicide

The mother of a seven-month-old baby, who miraculously survived a fall from the fourth floor of her apartment, took her own life after a severe cyber attack. Ramya (33), an IT company employee and wife of Thiruvarur native Venkatesh, was found dead at home while undergoing treatment for depression.

On April 28, the baby fell from Ramya’s hand while she was feeding on the balcony of the VGN staffed apartment in Tirumullawayal. Neighbors bravely rescued the baby who stayed on the plate sheet on the parapet of the first floor for more than 15 minutes.

After the footage of this went viral, there was a severe cyber attack against the young woman. Mentally weak, Ramya was under treatment for depression. Ramya and her children returned to their home in Mettupalayam Karamada two weeks ago. On Saturday evening, Ramya’s parents and Venkatesh found her dead when they returned from attending the wedding ceremony.