Nagaland assembly plays national anthem for first time in almost 60 years

National Anthem was played in Nagaland Assembly for first time

Almost 60 years after Nagaland attained statehood, the national anthem was played inside its assembly for the first time in February before Nagaland Governor RN Ravi addressed the 7th Session of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly on February 12. Nagaland attained statehood on December 1, 1963, and was the 16th state of the Union. The budget session of the assembly started on february 12th with an address by R N Ravi.

Since Nagaland became a state on 1st December 1963, the Nagaland Legislative Assembly played the National Anthem for the first time ever. The rare video of the assembly session playing the national anthem has been shared by security analyst Nitin A Gokhale. It shows all the members of the Assembly standing as the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” is played in the House for the very first time in the history of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly. India gained independence in 1947 even as Nagaland remained a part of the province of Assam. The region has undergone insurgency including its internal inter-ethnic conflict since 1950s. The violence left the region undeveloped, and it is only on 1 December 1963, the state of Nagaland has been formally inaugurated and Kohima was declared as the state capital. After elections in January 1964, the first democratically elected Nagaland Legislative Assembly was constituted on 11 February 1964.

The newly introduced tradition of playing the National Anthem was never the convention in the Nagaland Assembly for unknown reasons.