Panoor Bomb Blast case , three people including the person who delivered the ammunition have been arrested

Kannur: Three more arrested in Panoor bomb blast case. Sajilesh and Jijosh, natives of Kathirur, and Babu, native of Vadakara, were arrested. It is reported that Babu delivered the ammunition from Vadakara.

Sajilesh is an accused in the Kathirur Manoj murder case. There were 12 accused in the case. Two of them are injured and undergoing treatment. The second accused Sheril was killed in the blast.

Meanwhile, the RMP said that the Panoor bomb blast conspiracy took place in Vadakara. State Secretary N. Venu alleged. The Panoor bomb blast proved to be an attempt to sabotage the Vadakara elections. The investigation should be undertaken by an independent agency. The Election Commission should intervene. One person was arrested from Vadakara. This is aimed at the candidate. Kozhikode Kannur district secretaries and top C.P.M. This is with the knowledge of the leaders – Venu alleged.

Venu demanded that the police should take immediate measures including raids to find out that the manufactured bombs are suspected to have been collected in various areas of Vadakara.