Ramayana, Mahabharata to be part of Engineering syllabus in Madhya Pradesh

In an alleged attempt to add cultural tenets to the technical education, Madhya Pradesh Government has decided to include the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana in the Engineering syllabus in state. Talking to reporters, the Minister of Higher Education of the state, Mohan Yadav asserted that there was nothing wrong with this decision.

Speaking on the decision, Minister Yadav pointed out that there was nothing wrong in it. “Whoever wants to learn about Lord Ram’s character & contemporary works can do so in engineering courses,” he told reporters. He further added that the steps were taken within the purview of the new National Education Policy. “Teachers of our study board have prepared the syllabus under the NEP 2020… If we can bring our glorious history forward, no one should have any issue with it,” the Higher Education Minister said. According to the announcement, Mahabharat by C Rajagopalchari has been included in the first-year engineering syllabus, besides this, the state government has also introduced Yoga and meditation as the third foundation course. Also, students will be taught Lord Ram’s engineering qualities through the topic ‘Construction of the Ram Setu bridge’. Details of the nature of the additions is not clear at the moment.