“RDX Director Nahas Hidhayath got married.”

RDX director Nahas Hidayat got married. Only close friends and relatives attended the ceremony. Both of them got engaged in December last year. The bride is an Optometry student Shefna from Kanjirapalli. Nahas is appearing in the film as Basil Joseph’s assistant in the film Godha.

His directorial debut, RDX, was a resounding success. The film entered the 100 crore club. Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, Neeraj Madhav and Mahima in the lead roles produced the film which was a weekend blockbuster.

Nahas is coming to the cinema as Basil Joseph’s assistant in the film Godha. Nahas also got the title of director whose first film reached the 100 crore club

Mahima Nambiar was the heroine in the film produced by Weekend Blockbusters. Adarsh ​​Sukumaran and Shahbaz Rasheed wrote the script for RDX. Aima Rosmi Sebastian, Babu Anthony, Parvathy Mala, Lal and many other stars were lined up. The film, which is about friendship, love and revenge, was accepted by the audience in a big way