“Suresh Gopi visited the Guruvayur temple, serving food to the devotees who came to the temple.”

Suresh Gopi came to see Guruvayurappan again and this time he had thechi flowers to offer to Guruvayurappan. Suresh Gopi visited the Guruvayur temple. On reaching the temple, the actor offered a thechi flower before the Lord and prayed. Thousands thronged the temple premises to see Suresh Gopi. The newly wedded couple who got married at the temple also took a photo with Suresh Gopi. Suresh Gopi responded to the media that after serving food to the devotees who came to the temple, he sat with them. He said that this time the people of Thrissur will give Thrissur.

According to opinion polls, NDA will get a big victory in the Lok Sabha elections this time as well. 377 seats are predicted for the alliance. According to the survey, the India alliance will be limited to 94 seats and other parties will win up to 72 seats. The survey predicts 37 seats for the NDA alliance in Bihar, one of the most crucial states in the Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, the Indian alliance will have to settle for 3 seats. In another state, Bengal, Trinamool will win 24 seats. But this time BJP will show a subversive movement. Up to 17 seats will be won. The survey also says that the India alliance will be limited to 1 seat.

In Maharashtra, the NDA could win massively, winning up to 45 out of 48 seats. India’s alliance will be reduced to three seats. In Madhya Pradesh BJP is predicted to win 28 seats and Congress 1 seat. According to the survey, BJP will win 25 seats in Rajasthan.

In Himachal, where the Congress is facing a political crisis, the NDA has the upper hand. It is predicted that the Indian alliance will win only 1 seat here. The alliance will join forces in the national capital, where the India alliance has high expectations. BJP will also sweep 7 seats. In Haryana, NDA will win 9 seats and All India will win 1 seat. The party will get 26 seats in Gujarat, the stronghold of the BJP. NDA will win in total 5 seats in Uttarakhand. In Aam Aadmi-ruled Punjab, the party will get 5 seats. Congress will get 3 seats and Shiromani Akali Dal will get 1 seat. Here BJP is predicted to win three seats this time. Jharkhand-NDA-13, India Alliance-1, Uttar Pradesh-78, India Alliance-2, Chandigarh-BJP-11 are the survey predictions.

The survey predicts that the BJP will unite in Kerala this time too, where the BJP has high hopes in South India. BJP is coming this time expecting a coup in six seats. BJP is also hoping to win Thrissur constituency through Suresh Gopi. But the survey says that BJP’s hopes will be misplaced this time too. India alliance will sweep all 20 seats. Meanwhile, in the neighboring state of Karnataka, this time too, the survey predicts an advantage for the NDA. According to the survey, NDA will get 23 of the total 28 seats and Congress will get only 5 seats.

In Andhra Pradesh, the survey predicts 19 seats for YSRCP and 6 seats for TDP. The survey also says that the Congress will merge. Meanwhile, the survey also points out that Congress may get 9 seats in Telangana. This time, the BJP will also perform well here and will win 5 seats, according to the survey. Like last time in Tamil Nadu, NDA will get one seat. The DMK alliance will win all 36 seats. The survey says that the NDA is losing ground in the North-Eastern states. 10 seats are predicted. It is predicted that BJD will win 9 seats and BJP will get up to 11 seats in Odisha. NDA will also win Lakshadweep, Chandigarh, Andaman, Goa and Dadra-Nagar Haveli. According to the survey, NDA will get 2 seats and India alliance will get 3 seats in Jammu and Kashmir.