Terrorist links unravel in gold smuggling!

Terrorist links unravel in gold smuggling
Terrorist links unravel in gold smuggling

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested six accused, including the 24th accused in a teacher’s handcuffing case, Muhammad Ali Ibrahim. The NIA has arrested Mohammad Ali Ibrahim, Jalal, AM Syed Alavi, Mohammad Shafi, Abdul PT, and Mohammad Ali, the 23rd accused in the teacher’s handcuffing case in Muvattupuzha. Recorded. In this, Saydalavi is a person who has already been caught in gold smuggling. Earlier, there were indications that many of them had links with terrorist organizations.

Jalal, a native of Muvattupuzha, was arrested today. He is accused of several gold smuggling cases. He was arrested in 2015 for gold smuggling. The gold was smuggled by Ramis from Sandeep and Jalal from Ramis. Customs found the secret compartment of his car the previous day. Jalal was the one who found and sent people for gold smuggling.

Another person arrested today is AM Saytalavi alias Malappuram Vengara Edakandan Saydalavi. He buys gold from Jalal and hands it over to jewelers. He has business ventures in Gulf countries including Dubai and has stakes in Kozhikode Jewelry and Convention Center. Earlier, it was alleged that the man, also known as Bawa, had financial dealings with the terrorist group Al Uma. The NIA has received information that he is in touch with its activists and other organizations that have gone to other organizations following the ban. He was active in gold smuggling activities 20 years ago.

Ramis, who hinted at the involvement of these accused, has already been linked to militant groups and goons. Rameez was part of the Perumbavoor gang that planned the beauty parlor attack. The militant links of this group had come out earlier. The NIA hopes that by interrogating those arrested, more people with terrorist links will be caught.

The accused were produced in the Kochi NIA court and remanded. Meanwhile, the NIA took evidence in Malappuram with the four arrested accused. The evidence was taken in four groups with the accused, including Ramis. Ramis was taken to the house of Perinthalmanna Vettathoor and the house of the other accused and evidence was taken. The NIA said in a press release that it had conducted inspections at six places in the state. Two hard disks, a tablet, 8 mobile phones, 6 SIM cards, a digital video recorder, and 5 DVDs were seized from the accused. Also, passbooks and credit/debit cards were recovered.