The full salary is not lumped together, only with conditions, the Finance Minister finally disclosed

Thiruvananthapuram: Finance Minister KN Balagopal said that the government employees will not get their full salary together and even if the salary distribution starts today, the crisis will not end. A cap will be introduced on the amount of salary that can be withdrawn. The Minister also said that the maximum amount that can be withdrawn at one time has been increased to 50,000.

The crisis will be resolved within two days. Treasury will be controlled. There is no reason to worry. Salary and pension will not stop. The minister said that there is a technical problem. He blamed the central government for the crisis. He said that the amount due to Kerala has been withheld by the Center and Rs 13,608 crore is yet to be received.

If the money currently held by the government ends up in employees’ accounts, it will lead to an overdraft crisis. It is alleged that the salary freeze is part of a strategy to keep money in the government treasury as part of solving this crisis. The Secretariat Action Council said that the strike will not be called off until the money reaches the accounts of all the employees.