These simple steps will make your body and mind relaxed and sleep sweet, you should also try to relieve tension

Concerns over health and employment from the Corona crisis have made people sleepless. In a recent survey in the US, 44 per cent of adults said that many of their nights passed in May. Do not get upset if you too are living under stress due to fear of getting infected or losing your job. Sleep experts at John Hopkins University have suggested some easy exercises and meditation postures that will reduce your level of stress hormones and make you sleep better.


Stress responsible for insomnia – According to
senior sleep expert Luis F. Buenvere, if you are in pain or discomfort or going through a difficult phase in life, then the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol in your body will be more than normal days. Cortisol inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin in the pineal gland in the brain, melatonin is also necessary to control blood pressure and blood sugar levels in addition to sound sleep.

Exercise will be provided by yoga-exercises-
Exercise arts like yoga, meditation postures, taichi, dance restores the body’s natural function of keeping the mind and body relaxed by controlling breathing and heart rate.

Journey to become stress-free from stress –
20 to 25 minutes of daily breathing exercises, muscle tension reduction exercises.
Stress levels on a scale of 0 (stress-free) to 10 (stressed) for 2 weeks.
-Choose the best exercise for the body according to the routine, practice it regularly.

Relief from these breathing activities- In
a quiet corner of the house, sit on the floor/bed, close your eyes, or lie down in a comfortable posture.
Now breathe slowly for five minutes, focus all your attention on the breaths, so that the mind does not wander around.
– Keep in mind that while breathing in, the stomach swells out and while exhaling, the stomach goes inward.

High Stress
High Stress

Muscle tension-reducing
actions- After normal breathing, take a deep filling and focus all mental concerns out of both nostrils by exhaling slowly.
– Now bring some positive thoughts in the mind, feel the relief reached to the brain, then do the exercises related to those parts of the body where the muscles are feeling tense.
– Repeatly rotate the neck up-down and right-left, clench and open the fist, rotate the wrists round the fists, keep the fingers together on both shoulders and rotate the hands round.
After this, sit in the Vajrasana posture, bending the legs from the knees, take both hands upwards while exhaling and while exhaling bend forward, leaning the palms forward on the floor, two minutes this pose. Stay in

These remedies will also work- –
Set a sleep-wake time, avoid sleeping during the day.
– Stop using the screen for one to one and a half hours before sleeping.
-Keep completely dark in the room, the temperature will also be relaxing for the body.
– A warm bath before bedtime, consumption of warm warm milk will also be beneficial.