This decision was taken regarding Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Mail trains, now trains will be able to run on time

Indian Railways has decided to standardize rakes. Now the number of coaches in Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Mail Express trains will be determined. Earlier, in Shatabdi, Tejas (excluding double-deckers), there were a total of 12 to 14 coaches. Now a total of 18 coaches will run in this class train. 

According to the Railway Board, this arrangement will improve train times. For example, if there is a delay in the arrival of a Shatabdi train from one place, the second Shatabdi train already standing at the station can be sent on that route. This will leave the train on time. Passengers will not even have to wait for hours. At present, it will be on the train of LHB coaches only. 

Excluding Jan Shatabdi:
Day service non-premium intercity type (except Jan Shatabdi) trains will have 20 coaches. Long-distance premium trains like Rajdhani, AC Duranto AC Express (except Humsafar and Garib Rathko) will have a total of 22 coaches. The long-distance non-premium will have 22 coaches. 

After the new system, the zones and manuals where pit lines, platforms are of short length should be repaired. Infrastructure development should be done as per the new standardization. So that a maximum of 22 coach trains can run at all places. 

How many coaches in:
– Fully air-conditioned Shatabdi, Tej will have 14 chair car coaches, two power cars, and executive chair car coaches. 
Secondary seating in Intercity services will be 12 coaches, reserved 4, AC chair car 2, a power car, and one coach for luggage. 
There will be seven sleepers in the long-distance non-premium, 12 coaches of 3 ACs in the premium.