V4Kochi – A new innovation working for Kochi’s welfare

A new innovation, the people from various organisations working for Kochi’s welfare along with a group of former AAP workers has formed a movement named V4Kochi. According to the founders, this is a people’s movement for corruption free and efficient governance at all levels, liberating the society and country from corruption, inefficient and structurally obsolete traditional political parties through a democratic process that upholds the values ​​of the Indian Constitution. This is not a political party and nothing similar to one and the innovation, will field candidates in the upcoming elections to the corporation. Challenging the conventional political methodologies, it is not registering as a party with the Election Commission as of now. At a later period, V4Kochi might opt for registration as a party since it would like to get a common symbol under which to fight the elections. The V4 Kochi Political Campaign brings together small and large popular groups, individuals and genuine independent candidates from different parts of Kochi who are fighting against corruption and traditional political culture, replacing political workers and ushering in a new political culture. In all the 74 divisions, candidates who are not employed in politics and who are interested in service will be fielded.V4Kochi has released an election manifesto and promises to completely digitise the functioning of the corporation and ensuring complete transparency and implementing the Kochi e-Governance System (KeGS).

A system will also be brought in to ensure the corporation’s revenue reaches its exchequer correctly and at the right time. Decisions like removing tariff from household drinking water, besides projects for people’s welfare will be drawn up and implemented. Steps will be initiated under the universal basic income idea and special welfare schemes will be drawn up for those aged above 60. Lakes, canals and streams will be conserved and rejuvenated. A solution will be arrived at for mosquito menace and waterlogging, besides trouncing the real estate mafia. Land encroached by corporate entities will be recovered. The aim of V4 Kochi is in a revolutionary second freedom struggle, to liberate the country from the traditional parties of government and opposition, which are run by corrupt and mismanaged regimes through a transparent democratic process