Venu Madhavan Defies Cancer, Wins Double Gold in Powerlifting

Venumadhavan won double gold in powerlifting despite battling cancer. Venu Madhavan, a Malayali, won gold in the Masters 2 and Bench Press events in the Maharashtra Powerlifting Championship organized by the All-Bharatiya Swadeshi Khel Association. The competition was held at Keshav Balaram Hedgewar Auditorium at Nava Mumbai Chembur High School.

Meanwhile, Venu, who is undergoing treatment at the Thiruvananthapuram Regional Cancer Center, is also reaching the championships. Venumadhavan, a native of Kollam Maruthadi, started powerlifting training as part of his efforts to improve his physical fitness. Arrived late to the venue.

Eight years ago, he was injured while training for a competition and was diagnosed with stage 3 leukemia. Venu bravely faced cancer surprising those who said there was no return to life. Venu returned not only to life but also to powerlifting. Chennai District Powerlifting marked its comeback by finishing second in the 83 kg category. Several matches followed. Many medals big and small. Often the medal goes straight to the hospital for chemo. Meanwhile, Venu also won a medal in the National Powerlifting Championship organized by the Indian Powerlifting Federation. Bronze in 74 kg category.

Super Masters Games and Sports Federation held the National Masters Games in Goa and won the powerlifting 75 kg category for the 50+ age category. Venu won gold in the 74 kg category in the Masters Games held in Kochi.. In the championship held by the Kerala State Powerlifting Association in Kochi this month, Venu also won the gold in the Masters 2 category. A body weakened by cancer does not prevent Venu from lifting weights.