Warning that the number of patients will exceed two lakh by the middle of next month in Kerala!

The death toll in the state is expected to cross 800 by the middle of next month. The number of COVID patients is expected to cross two lakh during this period. The study by Trent Analysis and Projection, a public-private partnership, raises alarming figures. The detailed study was conducted in collaboration with the Indian Medical Association, the Indian Public Health Foundation, and Proxima, a management consultancy. The report prepared by them has been submitted to the Central and State Governments.

Coronavirus in Kollam
Coronavirus in Kerala

So far 117846 COVID cases have been reported in the state. Of these, 482 died. In the next 25 days, Kerala will reach the peak of the spread of COVID disease. In terms of patients and deaths, Kerala will move to double what it is now. There may be 5,000 to 8,000 new patients per day in the coming days.

Jeevan Raksha had earlier predicted that the number of patients in Kerala would reach 90,000 and the number of deaths would cross 400 by September 12. The current COVID positive rate in Kerala is 5.18 percent. And a mortality rate of 0. 4 percent. As of the 12th of this month, the number of patients was 102,255 and the death toll was 411. From this, it can be seen that the assessment of life safety is almost accurate.

From January to February, there were only three COVID cases in Kerala. From March to May 3, 3496 cases were reported. Between May and July, the total number of cases rose to 25,457. Over the next month and a half, the number of patients increased to over one lakh.

But the increase in the number of patients does not bother health officials much. The state has set up adequate facilities to provide intensive care facilities. Therefore, the state will be able to provide state-of-the-art treatment to COVID patients even if they go into a critical or severe condition. Moreover, the number of people who go into a severe state of symptoms is not high in the state.